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Submit your RSS file

Submitting your url

Before we continue it is worth mentioning that headlines, once they have been syndicated, are not only viewable from websites displaying headlines. Headline readers are also available that take the content from the sources you are submitting to. One example is Feedreader. FeedReader is a windows desktop application that reads headlines from various sources and users can add their favourite feeds as well.

So, as you can see, your visibility from feeds can be quite high, traffic can get to your site not just from websites carrying feeds but from software apps as well.

Let's get you started. Finding where to submit can be sort of a hit and miss affair. So, at the time of writing here's where you go.

Visit and click on the About Us link. Then click on Contact from the Left navigation. Click on the contact form link in the become a source section. Alternatively just go to the submission form. Ideally you should go the long way to the form and read all about what Moreover do.
Visit and click on the Suggest link. Click on the news.XML icon. Enter the url to your RSS file. Remember to make a note of your Feed ID.
Visit - click on join - Validate your RSS file then submit. Keep a note of your Channel ID No.
News Knowledge
Visit and click on the Content Network link. Click on the Recommend news source link. Fill in the form then click on the send recommendation button.

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